At Kanti Yoga, we are pleased to offer:

We teach various styles of Yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin, we have classes for all levels of experience.

Free Yoga for all frontline guardians. 

Tuesdays 11.15am-12.15pm.

For more info about Frontline Yoga, please visit their website:

Pranayama Workshop

“Pranayama is a living, dynamic, powerful gift’- Rose Baudin.

Join us for this 2.5hr workshop

Scroll down this page for more information and registration.

$20 Unlimited 10 day trial

only able to be purchased once per person



Call us on 0414 383 949 or simply book online.

Pranayama Workshop with Zoe Trenwith

“Pranayama is a living, dynamic, powerful gift’- Rose Baudin.

Prana = Life force. The practice of Pranayama is the art of controlling the breath to intentionally regulate and expand the flow of prana through the body. The breath is vital for carrying oxygen to our bodies and removing toxins from our bodies. Our Pranayama practice can increase vitality, concentration, clarity, decrease stress and calm the mind as we explore these subtle body practices.

Discover the history of pranayama as we explore various pranayama techniques to increase lung capacity, quiet the mind and to power up and take your practice to the next level.

Covering..- Full Yogic Breath- Ujjayii- Nadi Shodana- Viloma- Sama Vritti-Sitali- Kapalbhati
We’ll also explore Kumbhaka (breath retention) and Nauli.
Join us for this wonderful opportunity to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Yoga practices.

Saturday 8th May, 1pm – 3.30pm.
Investment: $53.90 ($49+GST)
Spaces will be limited, so please book soon to avoid missing out.

Over 200 Kanti Yoga classes available on-demand

We are very excited to be able to offer you the option to practice with us, when it is most convenient for you.

We have created an online library of well over 200 Yoga classes, which you can have access to whenever you like.

 Perhaps you are feeling a little unwell, and need to stay home or maybe you’re going away on holidays, and would like to create a mini yoga retreat for yourself. 

We have Hatha, Vinyasa, Sun Series, Hatha & meditation, Yin, Yin/Yang and Restorative classes all ready and waiting for you, taught by Naomi, Claire, Laura, Yaisa and Ambika.

You can purchase a 1 day pass for $5 or a 7 day pass for $15, this will give you unlimited access to all our on-demand classes.

We hope this will be a very helpful way for you to continue to practice regularly, even during those times when it is difficult for you to come into the studio.

The beauty of practicing at home is you can stay in Savasana for as long as you like 🙂

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