The Kanti Yoga Studio in Adelaide

Hi, my name is Naomi, I’m the owner of Kanti Yoga. We opened our doors in December 2016. It has been my absolute joy to watch this beautiful community of teachers and students grow over this time. 

 We have a wonderfully dedicated team of teachers, all of whom are professionally trained and committed to their own continued education and growth, so they can share this beautiful practice with you, with confidence and integrity. 

If you are ready to begin, or continue your yoga journey, we hope that you will join us at Kanti Yoga, we offer a wide range of classes for all levels of experience. 

Below are a number of frequently asked questions which may be of assistance to you. Please feel free to reach out if we can help you with anything else.

Frequently asked questions:

What type of classes do you offer at Kanti Yoga?

We are a multi style studio, and therefore we have a great range of classes.

We offer static styles of Yoga such as Hatha and Yin..

For those who like to flow, we offer Vinyasa, which is a more dynamic style of practice.

One of our most popular classes is Yin/Yang, this is a blend of a more dynamic style of practice, followed by the long held deep stretches of a Yin practice.

I’m brand new to Yoga, which classes should I begin with?

We love welcoming beginners to our studio, and we have several classes that are a great place to start. We highly recommend our Gentle Hatha, Hatha and Hatha and Meditation classes for beginners. 

If you are looking for a very relaxed class to ease your way in then we can also highly recommend our Yin classes. You can see detailed descriptions of all classes in the “class descriptions” section of our website.

I’m not flexible, can I still do Yoga?

Yes, of course! In fact that is even more reason for you to do so. A regular Yoga practice will help you to improve your flexibility over time. Yoga is not about folding your body into a pretzel, and we would never ask you to do that! Our teachers will always offer modifications to help everyone find a safe and beneficial stretch.

What should I wear?

It is important that you are comfortable. It is a good idea to dress in layers, as you may be quite cool at the beginning, warm up quite a bit throughout, and then perhaps want to put your layers back on as we settle into savasana at the end of class.

Women will mostly wear shorts, yoga pants or track pants. Wear a comfortable top, generally we recommend it not be too loose, as it may fall over your head in downward facing dog, unless you’re tucked in of course. 

Men generally wear athletic shorts or track pants and t-shirts. 

Mostly we practice Yoga with bare feet. Some people do choose to wear socks throughout the practice, though this can  compromise your grip on the yoga mat.

What do I need to bring?

We encourage everyone to bring along their own Yoga mat and props if possible, however, we do have mats and props for loan if needed.

Props may include Yoga blocks, bolsters, belts and blankets. Of course we do not expect you to go out and buy all of these things before your first class, but if you already have them, you might like to bring them along. 

Once you’ve been practicing for a while, you may decide that you do wish to purchase these items for yourself.

We do ask that you bring along a small blanket or towel to drape over our Yoga bolsters if you will be using our props. This is a hygiene measure.

You may like to bring along a bottle of water.

Is there any Yoga etiquette that I need to be aware of?

Upon arriving at the studio, please say hi to the teacher, so they can welcome you to the studio. 

We ask that you remove your shoes and leave them on the shoe rack when you enter the studio. 

If you have your phone with you, please make sure to either silence it or turn it off.

We have cubby spaces for you to leave your belongings. Please do not bring your phone into the practice space.

If you arrive early to class, you are welcome to relax and chat in our reception area, or set your mat up in the practice space and settle in. Many students like to find some quiet time before class so we ask that you refrain from chatting loudly inside the practice room.

What happens if I’m late to class?

We encourage everyone to plan to arrive early to class. Our doors will open 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin. We do not have front desk staff at the studio, our teacher signs everyone in. This means that once class has begun the front door will be locked, and the teacher will be unable to let late comers into the studio.

What if I need to leave early?

Every class ends with Savasana, this is a very important part of our Yoga practice. Therefore, we ask that you only come to class if you are able to stay for the duration. It is disruptive to other class participants when someone needs to pack up and the teacher needs to let them out.

Can I have my child wait quietly in reception during class?

To maintain a serene atmosphere for all, we kindly ask that children not be brought to the yoga studio. Unfortunately, we do not have staff available to supervise them in the reception area. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in creating a peaceful environment for everyone during their practice.

Where can I park?

Rest assured, we have plenty of space, in a well secured and well lit parking lot at the back of the studio.

The parking lot is accessed via Railway Tce South. Please be aware that you can not turn right into this street when coming from the city direction. We recommend you drive a little further along, and then turn right down either Surrey Street, or perhaps Victoria Street, and then come to Railway Tce South from Hampton Street South. You will see there is a boom gate across the entrance of the carpark. This will automatically lift for you as you approach.

When you leave class, you will collect a token from us, you’ll insert this into the boom gate station when you leave the carpark, which will lift the gate, allowing you to drive away hassle free.

If you are riding your bike to the studio, there is a bike rack at the back of the studio, where you can chain your bike safely.

When parking your car or your bike behind the building, there is no need to walk all the way around to the front if you’d rather not. There is a door at the back, which we will open 15 minutes before class, and you are welcome to enter this way.