I began practicing Yoga many years ago whilst training for the Hong Kong marathon. I found that as the miles added up, so did the aches and pains in my body. I decided I would try yoga, hoping it would help me make it to race day. Well it delivered on that, but so much more. From my first time stepping on the mat, I knew that yoga had so much to offer.

Through my practice, I have seen yoga as a great model for living a full life. I believe that everything experienced on the mat translates into lessons we can take into all aspects of our lives: acceptance of self – and others; and how to be fully present, experiencing and appreciating all moments. Through these lessons we can become calmer, more peaceful, and more connected to others. Through teaching yoga, I hope to impart a feeling of contentment, a state where each student can be fully understanding and grateful for all the wonderful blessings in their own lives.

I have been teaching since 2011 after completing my 200-hour Teacher Training with Purna Yoga in Byron Bay. I went on to complete my 500-hour Teacher Training with Purna Yoga in 2013. I am dedicated to my studies, continuing to attend several workshops and trainings, including a 100-hour Hot Yoga Master Immersion with Copper Crow, 50-hour Hot Yoga Advanced Skills Teacher Training with Tomasz Goetel, 40-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training with Bryan Kest, a 200-hour Universal Yoga certification with Andrey Lappa, followed by Yin Yoga and Anatomy Immersion with Pure Yoga Singapore. I then continued my Yin Yoga studies with Melanie McLaughlin. Most recently I have completed Meditation Teacher Training with the Yoga Social, and “Yoga for Grown-ups” Teacher Training with Maria Kirsten.


Ambika has over 1000 hours of yoga training up her sleeve, and has been a yoga practitioner since the early 90s and teacher since the mid 90s. She runs teacher trainings and loves teaching the more gentle classes at Kanti. Over her years as a teacher, she’s explored yoga philosophy and yoga history and is dedicated to teaching that there’s more to yoga than downward facing dog. 
She also lives with claustrophobia, and is also passionate about teaching how yoga can help us off our mat and in our lives. 
A few other things you’ll find out about Ambika are: She’s a crazy cat lady, she loves David Bowie, is vegan and loves to chat with her students after class about veggie growing 🙂 


I first attended Kanti Yoga as a student in 2017.  It was here that I met the amazing Yaisa Nio. Little did I know that Yaisa would become my yoga guide and I would complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2020. 

My journey as a yoga student has deeply influenced my style as a yoga teacher. Never having been a particularly athletic person, it blew my mind that exercise could feel good and I could be kind to myself while doing it.  Initially seeking relief from back pain, I uncovered a whole philosophy and lifestyle that would support me through symptoms of anxiety and depression, and guide me towards my second love: Ayurveda. A lifestyle that continues to bring me back to balance. 

With a thirst for knowledge, I have already commenced a second 200hr Yoga Teacher Training online through Heart & Bones Yoga, which focuses on creating healthy movement patterns through our yoga asana practice. 

In a world which is becoming increasingly disconnected, the tradition of yoga provides us with tools to reconnect with ourselves so we can better respond to, care for, and understand the world around us. Together, I hope we can continue to build a community that honours our planet, celebrates diversity, and spreads a little more kindness. 

If you enjoy a practice that dances between play and focus, ease and stability, creativity and tradition, I trust that you will enjoy my teaching style!  


I was first introduced to yoga in 2009 soon after the birth of our first son. After my first class, I went every day for the next 10 days and was hooked! Initially it helped with aches and pains as I started rebuilding some core strength. Then I started to notice feelings of stress release or elation after practice. Soon I wanted to be on the mat every day if possible and my days were planned around when I could get to practise.
I did my first Teacher Training in 2016 in Vinyasa and shortly after completed yin teacher training. I have since completed modules on the Spine, Advanced Assisting, the Pelvic Girdle, advanced Anatomy, Sequencing, Philosophy, and myofascial release (MFR).
My regular yoga practice has taught me more about my physical, emotional and spiritual self than anything else. I don’t strive for perfection on the mat, I laugh at myself often and don’t take anything too seriously. I feel privileged to work in an area I feel so passionate about.

Yoga has helped me be a better parent, make better choices, and be a more balanced person. I relish sharing my love of yoga with others as I believe it makes more and more sense in the hectic pace of todays world. I find it fascinating that the more I learn about it, the more there is to learn. Come join me on the mat, see what we can learn together.


I started yoga over 20 years ago when I was in the final years of school, mainly because I loved fitness and running, but it had left my body feeling tight and inflexible – and I really wanted to be able to touch my toes! I eventually discovered the vigorous practice of Ashtanga yoga, which I have been dedicated to for over 10 years and I love the strength and progressive nature of this style of yoga.


I also teach yin yoga, the perfect complement to busy lifestyles, and I love the meditative aspect of this practice. Over years of practice, I can appreciate the tremendous spiritual and mental benefits yoga has brought to my everyday life.

My classes combine my anatomy and science knowledge from my 17 year career as a pharmacist, as well as  my massage training and yoga experience, to create yoga sequences for athletes as well as the general public, including therapy ball work to release trigger points and knots.

I have studied and trained with many Ashtanga teachers including David, Simi and Youngblood Roche, Gregor Maehle, Monica Gauci, David Swenson and Kino Macgregor, as well as Yoga Therapy with Flo Fenton. I have studied Yin Yoga with Jennifer Crescenzo and Jo Phee. I am an eternal student and look forward to bringing you a cumulation of knowledge in my classes.

*Deanne is currently on Maternity Leave.


My yoga journey began almost 10 years ago as a physical practice to try and improve my relationship with my body and mind. I soon recognised the transformative and healing aspects of the practice and yoga became a lifestyle, providing greater peace, self awareness and inner connection.
Yoga has helped me to know who I am and has empowered me to be stronger, braver and more flexible in body and mind both on and off the mat.
I am passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga and my love of movement which led me to complete my teacher training. For me yoga sparks continual self enquiry and a curiosity to learn more. The dedication to my personal practice is shown through continual ongoing study. I am currently completing my advanced teacher training.
In my classes you can expect fun, creative and intelligent sequencing and theming with an anatomical focus on the balance of strength/stability and mobility. I like to encourage intuitive and functional movement with an emphasis on pose integrity so students can feel good while exploring new possibilities.
My aim is to provide an inclusive environment so you leave feeling uplifted, rejuvenated, empowered and ready for whatever the universe may throw your way.


I was raised in a very spiritual family and drawn to meditation and mindfulness practices at a young age. Born in Mysore India and having some experience with yoga asana practice through my mother and then again in my adolescence, I forged a much more powerful relationship with yoga as a form of rehabilitation after a period of chronic pain and major surgery in 2015.

Told I would never be able to practice yoga again, my patience with my body and a regular practice became instrumental to my healing process until I gained my certification to teach – a powerful personal triumph for me. Since then I have aligned myself with yogic philosophy and seek to share the innumerable gifts this practice has granted me in terms of physical strength, acceptance, stillness and a deep sense of gratitude. I undertook my vinyasa teaching training in 2019 and am also trained in Yin yoga, believing in the direct correlation between stretching connective tissue through long holds and creating space to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety.

I am also a high school teacher specialising in literature and have a deep love for the written word and a good story. This has served me well in my yoga teaching with theme-based approaches to classes and a marrying of philosophy and narrative among the physiology. It is a language I feel young people can really engage with. I have worked with teenagers for over fifteen years and am excited about offering a teen class that combines the fluidity of vinyasa flow with opportunities for strength building and tuning into the body in an environment that is safe and encouraging. I believe yoga can be a fundamental tool in the cultivation of emotional, physical and psychological well-being among an age group that is learning to inhabit their bodies and appreciate how the tools acquired on the mat can be powerful ways to self-regulate off the mat.

I value authenticity, joy, and a deep sense of community and connection. It is a privilege to work with each unique, individual body and guide students through this process of movement, breath work, and self-inquiry. I encourage viewing things from a place of curiosity rather than judgment. Our bodies are our home, let’s be kind to our homes x


After 15 years as a yoga devotee, I completed my first Yoga teacher training in 2017. Through my yoga practice I have experienced the shift from the asana to a place of peace. By adding the study of yoga I continue to develop the knowledge and experience of a life lived through the eight limbs. 

My own yoga background is an Ashtanga-Vinyasa dynamic style. However as nothing remains constant, this too has adapted to accommodate changes in the physical body. My practice is diverse, sometimes fast and sometimes very slow. I relish the benefits and the calm that remains long after the practice has finished and how it provides a pathway for navigating life. I look forward to sharing my yoga experiences and joining the Kanti community.


Born to be a traveler, I have practiced and taught yoga around the world. Certified to teach a variety of styles, I enjoy teaching Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga the most.

Not one for too much routine, teaching yoga classes in the Fleurieu Peninsula and Adelaide is only a fraction of the things I keep busy with. I also manage and teach at yoga teacher trainings in Bali and at yoga retreats in Myanmar. Combining my yoga experience with a health coaching certificate, I organise special Yoga & Health Management programs, helping people with chronic conditions to find back their health.

On the side, I blog about my (yoga) adventures and in my spare time, I try to keep up a daily Ashtanga practice, eat and drink a lot of good food between regular fasting days and travel as much as possible. Yoga is my lifestyle and that’s what I try to convey during my classes.

If you don’t care about fancy poses on Instagram, want to be yourself, are looking for your own balance and want to learn what’s right for you and your body, you will like my style! 


I first discovered yoga over 18yrs ago, after I’d been involved in a serious car accident. I’d been through 2 surgeries, rehab, pain clinics, occupational therapy, physiotherapy etc. and I heard somewhere yoga was good for your back, so thought I may as well give it a try. I absolutely loved my first class and instead of being reminded of all the things the Doctors were telling me I couldn’t do/wouldn’t be able to do, I felt like I could finally start to trust my body again. I started to feel stronger and more empowered and this completely changed my life. 

While I initially came to yoga for the physical benefits I quickly realised the mental emotional benefits that came with it. I clearly remember heading into one class completely confused about something happening in my life and walking out with absolute clarity. This inspired me to continue diving deeper into the practices of asana, meditation and especially pranayama as well as studying the history and philosophies or yoga.

I have been blessed to have practiced with amazing teachers along my journey who have inspired and guided me along the way; Clive Sheridan, Phillip Lemke, Peter Clifford, Noah Maze, Jason Crandell, Tiffany Cruickshank and more.

I have an absolute passion for alignment and anatomy, along with a fascination of the inner workings of the physical body and exploring the mind body connection. I believe through our physical body and our physical practice we can learn more about ourselves as people. Those lessons we learn on the mat help to guide us in our lives off of it.

My classes are deeply intuitive often being guided by students practice. With precision and a sense of playfulness I encourage student to test the boundaries of what is possible, to gather a broader perspective and step into their limitless potential to live a life of freedom, passion and inspiration.

*Zoe is not on our regular teaching schedule, instead she will be presenting special classes and workshops on a regular basis.

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