Qualified & Passionate Yoga Teachers in Adelaide


I began practicing Yoga many years ago whilst training for the Hong Kong marathon. I found that as the miles added up, so did the aches and pains in my body. I decided I would try yoga, hoping it would help me make it to race day. Well it delivered on that, but so much more. From my first time stepping on the mat, I knew that yoga had so much to offer.

Through my practice, I have seen yoga as a great model for living a full life. I believe that everything experienced on the mat translates into lessons we can take into all aspects of our lives: acceptance of self – and others; and how to be fully present, experiencing and appreciating all moments. Through these lessons we can become calmer, more peaceful, and more connected to others. Through teaching yoga, I hope to impart a feeling of contentment, a state where each student can be fully understanding and grateful for all the wonderful blessings in their own lives.

I have been teaching since 2011 after completing my 200-hour Teacher Training with Purna Yoga in Byron Bay. I went on to complete my 500-hour Teacher Training with Purna Yoga in 2013. I am dedicated to my studies, continuing to attend several workshops and trainings, including a 100-hour Hot Yoga Master Immersion with Copper Crow, 50-hour Hot Yoga Advanced Skills Teacher Training with Tomasz Goetel, 40-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training with Bryan Kest, a 200-hour Universal Yoga certification with Andrey Lappa, followed by Yin Yoga and Anatomy Immersion with Pure Yoga Singapore. I then continued my Yin Yoga studies with Melanie McLaughlin. Most recently I have completed Meditation Teacher Training with the Yoga Social, and “Yoga for Grown-ups” Teacher Training with Maria Kirsten


Before completing my Yoga Teacher Training, I had been practicing for a few years and loving all aspects of it. I used to dance growing up so I found the flow of vinyasa similar to dancing but with added strength. I have always liked to push myself and feel strength in my body. I don’t just love the physical aspect of yoga but also the mental clarity and meditative benefits, which really allows me to more deeply understand myself and my body. 

I am learning more and more every day about yoga and it has sparked a deeper interest in the practice. I look forward to sharing and teaching every day. I always add a little bit of fire to my vinyasa classes complemented nicely with flow. I also have a passion for yin and believe we are always in need of some stillness in our lives, which I combine with crystal sound healing bowls! I hold a deep respect for the ancient traditions and teachings of this practice and will never stop learning or being a student of the practice.


I was first introduced to yoga in 2009 soon after the birth of our first son. After my first class, I went every day for the next 10 days and was hooked! Initially it helped with aches and pains as I started rebuilding some core strength. Then I started to notice feelings of stress release or elation after practice. Soon I wanted to be on the mat every day if possible and my days were planned around when I could get to practise.
I did my first Teacher Training in 2016 in Vinyasa and shortly after completed yin teacher training. I have since completed modules on the Spine, Advanced Assisting, the Pelvic Girdle, advanced Anatomy, Sequencing, Philosophy, and myofascial release (MFR).
My regular yoga practice has taught me more about my physical, emotional and spiritual self than anything else. I don’t strive for perfection on the mat, I laugh at myself often and don’t take anything too seriously. I feel privileged to work in an area I feel so passionate about. 

Yoga has helped me be a better parent, make better choices, and be a more balanced person. I relish sharing my love of yoga with others as I believe it makes more and more sense in the hectic pace of todays world. I find it fascinating that the more I learn about it, the more there is to learn. Come join me on the mat, see what we can learn together.



I started yoga over 20 years ago when I was in the final years of school, mainly because I loved fitness and running, but it had left my body feeling tight and inflexible – and I really wanted to be able to touch my toes! I eventually discovered the vigorous practice of Ashtanga yoga, which I have been dedicated to for over 10 years and I love the strength and progressive nature of this style of yoga.


I also teach yin yoga, the perfect complement to busy lifestyles, and I love the meditative aspect of this practice. Over years of practice, I can appreciate the tremendous spiritual and mental benefits yoga has brought to my everyday life.

My classes combine my anatomy and science knowledge from my 17 year career as a pharmacist, as well as  my massage training and yoga experience, to create yoga sequences for athletes as well as the general public, including therapy ball work to release trigger points and knots.

I have studied and trained with many Ashtanga teachers including David, Simi and Youngblood Roche, Gregor Maehle, Monica Gauci, David Swenson and Kino Macgregor, as well as Yoga Therapy with Flo Fenton. I have studied Yin Yoga with Jennifer Crescenzo and Jo Phee. I am an eternal student and look forward to bringing you a cumulation of knowledge in my classes.

*Deanne is a valued member of our cover team.


Yoga has been a well worn thread weaving in and out of my life over the past 20 years. Initially I found restorative classes empowering during pregnancy and later,  yoga provided much needed space whilst mothering two young boys, and also maintaining my physical fitness.

As time went by, my time on the mat increased, in turn deepening my love and understanding of this yoga practice. With the support of beautiful friends, family and amazing teachers, I dived deep, completing my Vinyasa teacher qualifications in 2018, and have subsequently completed Yoga studies in Yin, Myofascial Release and Trauma Sensitive Mindful Movement. 

My learning and love of this practice continues to be the inspirational people I meet in everyday life, both on and off the mat. I strongly believe movement of the body through this practice is accessible to all who are willing to try. 

You can expect a heartfelt, open and grounding practice in my classes, where we will move slowly and deliberately, with a strong focus on balance, mobility and strength. I look forward to seeing you on the mat.


A few years ago I found yoga when I was searching for a sense of calm to bring into my busy world as a sailor in the Navy. I grew up playing a lot of sport, and was always quite hesitant to try yoga as I believed I wasn’t flexible or mobile enough. Little did I know, that’s totally ok! I was lucky enough to find some amazing yoga teachers early on in my journey, who created an environment where I felt both comfortable and empowered to embrace my yoga practice as it was.
Over time I started to build a consistent practice, and noticed that I began to take yoga off the mat and into my day to day life. That’s when I learned that yoga is so much more than the physical poses, and wanted to know more.
I finished my initial 200-hour Teacher Training in Vinyasa and Yin in Byron Bay. Since then I have recently completed my 500-hour Teacher Training in Sri Lanka, studying Hatha, Yin and Applied Chinese Medicine.
I am passionate about making yoga more accessible, and aim to create a comfortable space for students to move and practice in a way that feels good for their individual body.
Throughout my classes you can expect opportunities to challenge yourself through building strength, whilst also weaving stillness and calm throughout the practice to enable a sense of overall balance and stability in the body and mind.

*Kate is currently on leave.


I first tried yoga over 20 years ago, taking a while to find my style. I quickly found hot yoga which was a great complement to my busy and active lifestyle which included a lot of physical sports. After an injury I tried different types of yoga to support my recovery and embraced the slower pace of traditional hatha, as well as yin and restorative yoga. My practice really changed when I attended a yoga retreat and started to appreciate the spiritual and philosophical aspect of the practice, incorporating the principles into my daily life.

I began my teaching journey in 2018, initially as a way to deepen my own practice. The more I learned, the more I loved yoga and understood the many benefits of the practice. I love all aspects of yoga. I have attended a number of yoga and meditation retreats both here in Australia and in India and am always learning more. I have completed 500hr teacher training plus additional trainings in yin, restorative and trauma aware yoga.

My teaching style reflects my yoga journey and is based on traditional hatha yoga, connecting with mind, body and breath. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!


My yoga journey began as a physical practice to try and improve my relationship with my body and mind. I soon recognised the transformative aspects of the practice and yoga became a lifestyle, providing greater peace, self-awareness and inner connection.

Yoga has helped me to know who I am and has empowered me to be stronger, braver and more flexible in body and mind both on and off the mat.

I am passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga, my love of movement and the promotion of healthy ageing. For me yoga sparks continual self-enquiry and a curiosity to learn more. The dedication to my personal practice is shown through continual ongoing study. I have completed over 500 hrs vinyasa yoga training, I am also qualified in Yin yoga and Myofascial Release. Outside my yoga teaching I am a Registered Nurse currently retraining as a Physiotherapist. I am also a Pilates teacher currently working through my Clinical Pilates certification. I am a keen runner and I love to get out on my paddle board whenever I can.

In my classes you can expect fun, creative and intelligent sequencing and theming with an anatomical focus on the balance of strength/stability and mobility. I like to encourage intuitive and functional movement with an emphasis on pose integrity so students can feel good while exploring new possibilities. I love music so you will get some inspiring playlists and I don’t take things too seriously – therefore expect some average to substandard jokes to be thrown in along the way.

*Laura is a valued member of our cover team.


I first came across yoga as a young teenager, in a country town.
I had always been interested in movement and was lucky enough to come across a teacher (early 2000’s) that not only offered a physical practice, but a broader experience of yoga.

Through the years I have dipped in and out of my yoga practice – always being called back in.
Experiencing the many benefits of a yoga practice held for me – connecting with self, flowing on to better connection with others.

2021 the calling took me to Yoga Here&There Teacher Training, a chance to learn more, dive deeper into the multi facets of what yoga is and most importantly for me, the ongoing personal insight and growth yoga had offered me over the years.

As a teacher I have held Hatha classes, Vinyasa, yin/ yang and yoga Nidras. I enjoy being able to offer a space where people can connect with themselves. Whether that’s to have some time for themselves, to relax and let go of the day


My yoga journey started when I was 4 with my grandma on visits to the Barossa.
She went to yoga lessons in her black leotard and stockings each week and she would let me come if I was quiet. They are vivid memories. She was very religious so I look back on this as being a progressive practice to follow in the Barossa, in the 1970’s.

My practice has ebbed and flowed as life gave me time to practice.

Three years ago, when my children and life were self sufficient enough to leave me space to do something for myself, I chose yoga and completed my teacher training with ‘Yoga Here and There’ in Aldinga. The training has broadened all of my thoughts and given me a path that I think I will be on for the next 50 years. I believe there is a style of yoga to benefit everyone so I hope I can assist a few people at least on that path.

My teaching style ensures we use yoga to allow our bodies to build both strength and flexibility. As our minds and bodies move through the normal fluctuations of life, yoga can be a constant, a safe place to come back to and something that is never far away. I look forward to practising with you at Kanti.


After 15 years as a yoga devotee, I completed my first Yoga teacher training in 2017. Through my yoga practice I have experienced the shift from the asana to a place of peace. By adding the study of yoga I continue to develop the knowledge and experience of a life lived through the eight limbs. 

My own yoga background is an Ashtanga-Vinyasa dynamic style. However as nothing remains constant, this too has adapted to accommodate changes in the physical body. My practice is diverse, sometimes fast and sometimes very slow. I relish the benefits and the calm that remains long after the practice has finished and how it provides a pathway for navigating life. I look forward to sharing my yoga experiences and joining the Kanti community.


My yoga journey started in Singapore where I stumbled on a Vinyasa Yoga class at the gym. Over the years I practiced all over the world with various teachers and explored many schools and styles, Ashtanga Yoga being my personal favourite for muscle toning, core strength, focus and discipline. At the other end of the spectrum, I love practicing Yin Yoga to keep my joints supple, to dispose of life’s rough edge and to clear my mind. Though I now also conduct yoga teacher trainings myself, I continue to study and practice to expand my horizon. What I love about yoga is its many facets, ranging from purely physical efforts to deeply existential and philosophical questions; it’s a never-ending source of knowledge, energy and inspiration.

My teaching style is based on the principle of personal growth; I emphasise sensation-based alignment and awareness to make the practice safe for everyone. To help students embody the physical and energetic purpose of each asana, I give rich cues and where appropriate, physical adjustments. I also encourage stretching one’s physical and mental capabilities by exploring not only asana, but also pranayama and meditation with careful curiosity. On many occasions, I’ll weave some Qi Gong or somatic movements into the practice too. I have been part of the Kanti Yoga team since the day the studio opened. I feel very much at home at Kanti with the diversity of styles on offer and the open-mindedness among its wonderful community of students & teachers. I look forward to welcoming you in one of my classes soon!

*Yaisa is currently on leave until October 2024.