Wish there was a way to help equip your teenagers with the skills they need, to assist them in their ever-growing, stressful situations of life as young adults? As responsibilities start to build, and peer pressure is at it’s prime? In this day and age of social media and technology?

The benefits of yoga for teenagers are undeniable.Gaining strength & flexibility and improving their posture. Helping them to be able to relax, create breath awareness, stability and balance, equalizing of energy, stress management, better decision making, improved concentration, healthy body image, acceptance, curiosity, compassion and connection, presence, intuition, creativity & working together. The best part? It’s FUN! We use music, drama, dance, games, craft, props and acro to create a weekly, hour-long class your teens will look forward to! Each class including, physical postures, mindfulness and breath work in an approachable way for your kids to learn about themselves and discover a safe space for them to balance their energy and emotions.

Ages 13- 16 (our Teen Yoga is for girls only)

Term 4 of Teen Yoga is beginning very soon. Registration is now open.

Tuesdays – 4.30pm – 5.30pm
Beginning 13th October until  8th December.

This is a 9 week course.
$135 for full term.
Early Bird rate is $120 if you sign up by 4th October 2020
Drop in class – $20

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